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We have the veggies on their way…AND…the fruit for pudding

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Location, mini beasts and outdoor enjoyment…

Taking a look around our area…can you write some of the things that we did or saw?

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Telling a story…writing a story…have a read

A magical pony? A fantasy unicorn? What’ s your story? What would you write? Aminah, Ayaan, Sealuse and Kalicky by Aminah by Kalicky by Sealuse by Ayaan

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Gardeners, Early Work Stars and broad beans…

Emaan, Chloe, Brooke, Zayan, Layla, Adam and Dihyah Sealuse and Kalicky Adam and Ayaan Ezan, Aminah and Alexis

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Get handing out your pledges…

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Welcome to the Outdoor Learning blog

This is the latest addition to the Lowerplace blog empire – the Outdoor learning blog. Here we will celebrate and champion all the great outdoor learning which takes place at Lowerplace, whether it’s discovering smells and textures in the secret garden or constructing hideouts with Mr Moulton!

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